JT “Spiderman” Torres seminar this Thursday, June 27th!

Multiple Time IBJJF Champion and Atos Black Belt, JT Torres will be coming this Thursday, June 27th from 630 pm to 930 pm. He’ll be conducting a 3-hour seminar/training session that will definitely help all of the regions competitors with the upcoming IBJJF Chicago Summer Open in August. AND IT’S ONLY $30!!! (FREE TO BJJ BLACKBELTS). The Seminar will be a “Gi” Seminar.

Here’s a list of just some of JT’s accolades that have made him one of the best American BJJ Black Belts and one of the top contenders to the highly sought after IBJJF World Champion Lightweight crown.

Pan American Nogi Champion (2010 black)
World BJJ Nogi Champion (2008 brown)
European Champion (2009 brown)
2x New York Open Champion (2010 black, 2009 brown)
Miami Open Champion (2010 black)
World Silver Medallist (2009 brown)
World Nogi Silver Medallist (2009, 2012 black)
Brazilian National Silver Medallist (2010 black)
European Open Silver Medallist (2012)
3x Pan American Silver Medallist (2006 blue, 2007 purple, 2009 black)
World Bronze Medallist (2011)
World Nogi Bronze Medallist (2010)
Pan American Bronze Medallist (2009 brown)

It’s going to be a great opportunity to learn and train with JT whose spent the majority of the year training with Andre Galvao’s famed Atos Team in San Diego. Don’t miss the chance to train with JT and pick his brain!

Hope to see you all there!

* Please note that due to the seminar, we will be canceling the following classes Thursday Evening, June 27th.

6:30 pm – No-Gi BJJ
8:00 pm – BJJ (All Levels)
9:30 pm – BJJ Drills

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Reminder: Saturday, June 29th – In House Tournament

Just a friendly reminder to all of our Members, Friends, and Affiliate Families that our In-House Tournament is this Saturday, June 29th!

Because of the tournament, we will be canceling Kid’s classes at 830 am and 930 am, as well as Adult’s BJJ at 1030 am and Open Mat.

The Tournament is a “Gi” tournament.

Kid’s will begin at 930 am
Adults will begin promptly at 11 am

Please remember that the tournament is Pre-Registration ONLY. DEADLINE for Registration is Friday at 5 pm. We cannot take same day registrations as we will have brackets already done. Registration can be done by sending the following information to

School (Niles, Arena Training Center, FloMMA, Hawkeye BJJ, Wrecking Ball, New Breed Ohio, True Prodigy, etc.)

It’s going to be a great fun day of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Come support our competitors and teammates as they “battle” it out for prizes and have a great time doing it. Stay tuned and follow us on Facebook at for updates.

Pending weather, we will try to cook out in our parking lot, so please feel free to bring your friends! (Please check our Facebook Page on Wednesday as we will make a final determination to see if we will be cooking out on Saturday during the tournament).

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Marcos & Roberto Satoshi Souza Brothers Seminar – June 8th

Please note that due to the Souza Brother Seminar this weekend, we will be canceling both the Adult BJJ class at 1030 am and also Open Mat. There WILL BE Morning Functional Fitness and Kid’s Striking and BJJ in the morning though.

The Souza Brothers seminar will begin at 11 am. There will be an open training session afterwards. If you are planning to attend the seminar, please ensure that you allow some extra time to account for any construction traffic which may be occurring near the Training Center on Touhy Avenue.

See you guys this Saturday! It’s going to be a great time with some great guys and some great BJJ!

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Metamoris 2!

Metamoris is back this weekend, Sunday, June 9th.

Watch as some of the best grapplers today from all different backgrounds come together for the premier online PPV grappling event. This edition of Metamoris pits ground specialists from the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) world, catch-submission wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts, BJJ World Champions, UFC Veterans, Pride Veterans, and a years-old feud between a warring nation and a warring family!

Can’t wait for the action to begin. Watch it live, online at

Show starts Sunday, June 9th at 6 pm CDT.

Take a look at the some of the countdown videos shot for this weekend’s contest!







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New Breed In House Tournament Saturday, June 29

New Breed Training Center will be hosting another in-house tournament for our Team as well as our affiliate schools in the Midwest Region on Saturday, June 29th! This tournament will provide a great opportunity for all of our schools to meet, greet, and compete with each other and most importantly, have a great time doing it.

The best thing… It’s free to all members of New Breed Training Center, Arena BJJ (Waukegan), FloMMA BJJ Members, Wrecking Ball BJJ Members, New Breed Ohio, and our friends at Pejor JJ/Hawkeye BJJ

We will be using a pre-registration ONLY system. Preregistration is easy. Just send the following information to

SCHOOL (New Breed Training Center-Niles, Arena, Ohio, FloMMA, Wrecking Ball, Hawkeye)

Please note that we will be closing registration on Wednesday, June 26.

On Friday, June 28th, we will release brackets. Don’t worry about weight classes, we will be drawing up 8-16 man brackets that will primarily be based on skill level and weight.

We guarantee at two matches for all of our competitors. The first match in your bracket will determine if you will be in the Winner’s or Consolation bracket, Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in Winners bracket, and a prize will be awarded for the winner of the consolation bracket.

Spectators are welcome and encouraged. We want everyone to have a good time. As long as the weather holds we’ll be having a Cook out in our parking lot right in front of the Academy. Hope to see everyone there. Last time we had over 100 competitors, Winners and Consolations brackets, guaranteed matches, a superfight, and were still down in about 2 hours.

Tournament starts at 930 am for Kids and 11 am for Adults! Please be there before hand so we can verify your registration and you have time to warm up! See you guys there!!!

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Breaking Grips

Breaking grips is an essential part of the game and should be part of your drilling regime. If your opponent is stopping you from moving forward because of the grips he/she has. Different grip breaking techniques is a good way to stop or redirect your opponent, also allowing you to set up your grips/passing game, switching you from a defensive position to an offensive one. With your opponent having dominating grips, it takes control away from them and redirects the control back in your hands or at least resets the position allowing you to advance.

In this video Keenan Cornelius from Team Atos shows some of these techniques to use against spider-guard, entangling combinations and de la riva guard. He explains a weaving motion to get rid of their initial foot control and using your own foot after to help pry the grip off. Take note to the important details of creating angles before breaking the grip to make it much easier.

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ATTENTION Memorial day 5/27/2013

Attention all New Breed Students this coming Monday 27, 2013 Memorial Day we will be suspending any formal classes.

We will be hosting a Open Mat for people who still want to train from 10am to 12pm.

We wish everyone a happy Memorial day and to be safe and have fun!

Thank you, and sorry for any inconvenience you can contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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Eddie Wineland vs Uriah Faber 2???

With still no confirmed word regarding the availability of UFC’s interim bantamweight champ, Renan Barao, New Breed’s very own Eddie Wineland may find himself with a familiar face to headline UFC 161.

In an interview with, Uriah Faber confirmed his interest and availability in stepping in for the main event role against Wineland. When asked about the injury to Barao and the possibility of stepping in for the interim champ, Faber replied,

“I just found out and from what it sounds like, we’ve got the champ injured and now the interim champ is hurt. This sucks. No one has reached out to me about filling in but if the opportunity comes knocking, I’ll definitely consider it.”

When posed the question of the short notice of the fight (less than 4 weeks away) Faber replied,

“That would work. I feel like in the rankings I’m number two, it’s kinda like waiting to see what happens. If an opportunity comes take it. That’s always been my mentality.”

If Eddie and Uriah end up capping off the UFC 161 card, it would mark a rematch between the two. They previously battled it out on the co-main event of UFC 128. Wineland convincingly took the first while Faber convincingly took the second rounds. The third round was anyone’s game until Uriah turned it up at the end and pulled away the victor.

Let’s see how this plays out within the next few days!

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Renan Barao Injured?

New Breed’s very own Eddie Wineland may need a new opponent for the UFC 161.

Unfortunately, Renan Barao has been injured and may be forced out of his UFC 161 interim title defense fighting against Eddie Wineland. Renan and Eddie were scheduled to fight Saturday, June 15 at the MTS Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Over the weekend, Dana White confirmed Renan Barao’s availability was in jeopardy when asked my media outlets. White responded via text message to inquiries asking if the injury sustained by Barao was enough to keep him from the UFC 161 main event. In a word, White replied, “probably.”

Dan Henderson and Rashad Evans are scheduled for the co-main event of the night. Should the Barao vs. Wineland be scratched from the fight card, it is likely that Henderson vs. Evans will highlight the night’s event.
Here’s to hoping Eddie still gets his title shot. There’s no word yet as to whether or not Eddie will be given another opponent or even be on the card should Barao’s injury be too severe.

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REMINDER: PROMOTIONS!! This Saturday May 18, 2013

Just a quick reminder to all student’s this Saturday Saturday May 18, 2013 promotions will be held

Functional Fitness will still be going on at 8:30am

Kids promotions will start promptly at 9:30am
Adults will be at 10:30am after the kids

we hope to see you all there!

As for non-members the Gym will be closed and we ask you wait until noon to come and train for open mat.

Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience, you may contact us through telephone or email us if you have any questions.

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