IBJJF Makes New Improvements

There are lots of changes going on for the IBJJF, especially with the new General System of Graduation. With the goal of improving the experience and progression of each Jiu Jitsu student, instructor, and competitor, the IBJJF recently launched their General System of Graduation. This allows the student transition and progress smoother, easier, and fulfilling.

The biggest improvement is the new ranking system for the younger athletes. For kids ages 4-15 in jiu jitsu, they will be separated by each belt rank group (gray, yellow, orange and green.) Until the age of 16, jiu jitsu students will be in this grading system which also provides steady advancement throughout their progressive jiu jitsu career.

Another installment to the ranking system is the Red and White Belt, which is equivalent to the 8th Degree Black Belt.

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