Keys to Victory!

Keys to Victory
As the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition season get closer and closer, the final stretch of training can become a challenge. Here are just a few things to get you started on a winning record this year.

Key #1: Game Plan, Game Plan, Game Plan!
Whether a BJJ match is 4-minutes, 10-minutes, or no-time limit, being intelligent about preparing and practicing your game plan is key. At the highest level of competition, making the least mistakes while taking advantage of your opponent’s mistakes usually spells victory.
Having a set of go-to moves gives you options and allows your body to move accordingly and react on instinct. This gives you a layout of your own plan of attack and helps your adjust it just as fast as you can execute your moves.

Key #2: Training Partners
Your training partners are a huge asset to your improvement in training. Having a range of different training partners helps you to focus on your own game plan and concentrate on specific techniques. Whether it is guard playing or passing in an all-around way, competent training partners will assist in improvement in technique.

Key #3: Healthy Diet
Eat clean. Train hard. Getting as much time on the mats will definitely increase your stamina as well as improve your technique. But it is important that your body has time to replenish and recharge. Maximizing your quality training includes a healthy lifestyle.

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