MMA Fighter of the Week: Wanderlei Silva

After a phenomenal bout against Brian Stann in the light heavyweight division on Sunday, March 3rd, Wanderlei Silva proves to everyone that he is a force of nature. With a style that is considered to be beyond aggressiveness. As more of an offensive fighter, Silva’s fearlessness and combative technique is deadly. A fighter like Wanderlei Silva is fighter that doesn’t stop. Almost beastly, the fighter keeps on pushing and attacking until he knows that he has finished his opponent off. This was proved as Silva defended his title against Brian Stann in UFC on Fuel TV.

Nicknamed the “Axe Murderer” Wanderlei Silva gave some of the most exciting fights in MMA; which included the fights that gained him victory as undisputed champion for six years. With his extensive and most victorious record in MMA, along with his aggressive and most agile style and technique, Wanderlei Silva is considered to be one of the most dangerous fighters today.

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