Rick Story Vs. Jake Ellenberger

To follow up with his victory of UFC 158, the welterweight Rick Story challenges Jake Ellenberger to a bout in the octagon. Ellenberger, who also won his fight on UFC 158, may actually step up to the challenge. After a phenomenal record, Ellenberger emerges as a impressive, as well as technical, MMA fighter. Although Story has beaten Ellenberger before, the next battle may give Ellenberger the opportunity to rise above his underdog status.

However, the only fight in Ellenberger’s mind, is the match against Johnny Hendricks. Apparently Jake Ellenberger is so eager to step into the octagon with Hendricks since Hendricks is next in line for the title shot. Ellenberger is ready to fight and so eager to claim his title shot. Watch the Ultimate Fighting Championship to see who will be next in line to fight for the title against Rick Story and against Jake Ellenberger.

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