The Benefits of Arm Locks and Leg Locks

Featured on the television show, Sportscience, armlocks and leglocks were tested for efficiency and effectiveness when used inside the cage.

Armlocks, or armbars, are one of the basic and first submissions you learn when training in Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Grappling, etc. The armbar can do enough damage to tap out your opponent. However, if an armbar is executed wrong, and when high level grapplers and jiu jitsu practitioners are involved, they can easily defend the submission.

What many people forget about the armbar, is engaging the hips and squeezing the knees as they try to tap out their opponent. Without the hips, the armbar does not have any torque to apply to a deadly hold. If done correctly, the armbar should have enough force to snap an arm.

Leglocks, also known as knee bars, seem to be much more deadlier than the armbar. The reason for this is that there is a greater range to work with a leg rather than an arm with limited length. The leg is also more vulnerable than an arm is.

Although the leg lock is much more destructive and devastating than an armbar, anyone who has been placed in a position for an arm bar or leg lock would say that they both really hurt!

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